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It all started in the Algarve

Founders Marco and Jake have a friendship forged over Frango, with trips to the local Piri-Piri shacks being the highlight of many summers spent at Marco’s home in the Algarve.

After years of unparalleled Piri-Piri perfection, the pair knew that they had to bring this humble dish home and do it justice for thousands of hungry Londoners. They were determined to honour the authentic Algarvian cooking techniques, flavour and experience. And so, Casa do Frango was born.

Our Produce

We believe that the quality of the final product can only be as good as the quality of the ingredients. That’s why we aim to work with the best suppliers in the industry. 

From British chicken farmers to Portuguese Piri-Piri growers, to Galician fishermen – we do not discriminate and we will go the extra mile to ensure we have the best produce.

All our chicken comes from a trusted family butcher who supplies high-welfare birds from a hand-picked selection of farms in Norfolk and Shropshire.

Our Food

Whilst in the Algarve we worked with a legendary grill-master who shared the secrets behind the best Piri-Piri chicken in the world. We always stay true to our roots: we only grill over wood-charcoal, we cook all our chicken from raw, we use smaller 900g birds to ensure beautifully even cooking and we always brush three times, with our secret Piri-Piri blend.

Our menu pays homage to the many delights of the region, with traditional sides and sharing dishes highlighting the variety of Portuguese cuisine, from classics with a twist to seasonal favourites and a range of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Our Desserts

The dessert menu at Casa continues our love affair with traditional Portuguese dishes, featuring the world-famous Pastel de Nata, a traditional thick Chocolate Mousse, and our Casa Almond Cake, perfect with a scoop of ice cream and a Portuguese Bica Coffee.

Our Pasteis de Nata are made from scratch on-site at London Bridge and Shoreditch every day. Join us for one, fresh out of the oven.

Our Wine

Our wine menu features a broad range of hand-selected Portuguese wines, from the rich reds of the Douro Valley to the refreshing and wonderfully acidic Vinho Verdes of the Minho, including our very own Vinho Verde from Monção, Boa Pinga!

We’re incredibly proud to introduce this wine – a first from Casa do Frango – and to offer it alongside the largest list of Portuguese wines in the UK. With such a wide selection, our team are always on hand and delighted to help you find the perfect bottle for any occasion.

Perhaps Portugal’s most famous export, no self-respecting wine menu would be complete without a selection of Port. Whether an aficionado or a first-timer, we have options to suit everyone, from a 10-year-old Tawny to our hugely refreshing White Port & Tonic.

Our Drinks

For those who fancy something stronger, our cocktail list is home to classics like Caipirinhas,  Sangrias and Espresso Martinis, alongside little twists like our Negroni da Casa, made with the famous Lisbon spirit, Ginjinha.

For those in the know, we also serve Portugal’s favourite drink, a properly chilled Super Bock beer on draught, alongside the much-loved Sumol and Carvalhelhos mineral water.

All of these can be enjoyed in our restaurants, or for something sultrier head into our dedicated cocktail bar, The Green Room at Casa London Bridge.

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Casa do Frango Shoreditch is now open for 2022.

For large group bookings of 8+ and private events at Casa do Frango London Bridge or Shoreditch, please view our Groups & Events page.

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Casa do Frango London Bridge is now open for 2022.

For large group bookings of 8+ and private events at Casa do Frango London Bridge or Shoreditch, please view our Groups & Events page.